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Below you will find the Peak Performance Behavioral Inventory (PPBI), a personality inventory developed by PSYCHOGENYX.  The inventory was developed as a assessment tool to measure the extent to which you engage in behaviors that are likely to contribute to your success. It is based on the Peak Performance System, also developed by Psychogenyx.  

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The Peak Performance Behavioral Inventory


Name (optional): _________________________________Age:  _____


Gender:  M___ F___        Racial/Ethnic Affiliation:  _________________


Occupation/Position:  _____________________________________


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Rate yourself from 5 to 1 on the following 80 items.  Be as honest, objective and truthful in your responses as possible in order to get accurate and useful results.  This inventory should take no more than 45 minutes to finish.


5-Strongly agree; 4- Mostly agree; 3- Slightly agree; 2-Slightly disagree; 1-Strongly disagree



1. I am confident in my abilities. ___

2. I have a clear vision of my goals, both short-term and long-term.   ___

3. I anticipate and prevent problems, crises and emergencies from occurring in my personal, professional, and sporting life.  ___

4. I plan and organize my activities effectively.  ____

5. I follow through on my plans without major disruptions, distractions, and modifications.  ____



6. I practice carefully and meticulously when presented with opportunities to perform my duties and responsibilities.  ____

7. I review and evaluate my activities and results after a major project or assignment is completed.  ____

8. I maintain a positive mindset.  ___

9. I bounce back quickly from failures and setbacks.  ____

10. I get the most out of my talents, abilities, and potential.  ___


11. I am clear and maintain unwavering commitment to my goals.  ___

12. I consistently maintain high standards and expectations. ___

13.  I strive for but know that I can never attain perfection. ___

14.  I am driven to achieve high levels of performance.  ___

15.  I have a consistent focus on the end result. ___


16.  I continuously challenge myself to stretch and grow.   ___

17.  I use relaxation exercises or meditation for mental conditioning. ___

18.  I continuously monitor my internal dialogue or self-talk. ___

19.  I use mental imagery to improve performance. ___

20   I consistently use mental conditioning and mental preparation techniques to manage my emotions. ___



21.  I manage my internal mental state so that stress and pressure have minimal impact. ___

22.  I am able to remain centered and focused at all times.  ___

23.  I mentally stay several steps ahead of real-time.  ___

24.  I am successful at mentally anticipating, predicting and preparing for events and situations that I will likely encounter.  ___

25.  I am typically able to predict, anticipate and know well ahead of everyone else what may well occur.  ___



26.  Success, achievement and optimal performance requires meticulous step-by-step planning.  ___.

27.  I always practice and rehearse to make my behavior and actions as automatic as possible.   ___

28.  I have an unfailing willingness to practice.  ___

29.  I am totally committed to be the best that I can be through hard work and sacrifice.  ___

30.  I have the will and ability to spend the necessary amount of time mastering my skills and abilities.  ___



31.  I seek continuous improvement in my performance.   ___

32.  I love to absorb and learn from continuous input and feedback about my performance.  ___

33.  It is necessary to continually measure and collect data about my performance.   ___

34.  I diligently design and follow a game-plan that I then rehearse to perfection.  ___

35.  I strongly believe that planning is crucial to success.  ___



36.  Preparation has been crucial to any success I have had.  ___

37.  Once my plan have been executed, it is essential that I carefully evaluate the results, analyze the performance process, and scrutinize the game-plan. ___

38.  I make sure that I go through a thorough debriefing after every plan is executed.  ___

39.  Learning and improvement is vitally important for optimal performance and success.  ___

40.  Reviewing is important in order to determine what adjustments need to be made in my performance results in a better performance and a better outcome.  ___



41. I am able to keep a consistent focus on my work habits.  ___

42.  I am able to maintain long-period of intense concentration.  ___

43.  I have an unwavering need to consistently work on routine fundamentals and details to improve my performance.___

44.  I am extremely demanding of myself.  ___

45.  I consistently push myself to the great possible levels of performance.  ___


46.  I am able to isolate myself and/or work alone for long stretches.  ___

47.  My confidence in my performance is high.  ___

48.  I possess a great deal of self-assurance.  ___

49.  I am able to maintain a positive outlook.  ___

50.  I have a great belief in my ability to meet my goals.___


51.  Failure is never an option.___

52.  I possess the ability to persist through difficulties.  ___

53.  I am readily able to accept criticism and feedback.  ___

54.  I possess unending determination.  ___

55.  I possess a great deal of tenacity.  ___


56.  I am willing and able to pay the price to reach my goals.  ___  

57.  I possess the toughness to endure pain, suffering, and hard work.  ___

58.  I am fearless and possess much perseverence.  ___

59.  I am able to consistently and effectively manage my emotions.  ___

60.  I have the ability to deal with adversity.  ___



61.  I have consistently bounced back from setbacks and failures.  ___

62.  I possess extreme emotional strength and resilience.  ___

63.  I am able to tolerate high levels of pressure and stress.  ___   

64.  I typically bounce back from setbacks quickly.   ___       

65.  I am willing to explore and tolerate the unknown. ___


66.  I look ahead to the future and its possibilities.  ___

67.  I have experienced a high degree of success.  ___

68.  I have displayed the ability to achieve beyond what was expected of me.  ___  

69.  I have displayed the ability to reach a high level of performance time after time.  ___

70.  I typically achieve beyond what others of similar or greater talent can do.  ___  


71.  I have the ability to make my effort seem easy for long periods of time.  ___

72.  Others believe I have the ability to make things look easy.  ___

73.  I follow my plans closely in order to be successful.  ___

74.  I do not change course unless there is a strong reason to do so.  ___   

75.  I readily hold myself accountable for things that I am assigned to do.  ___



76.  I am quick to take responsibility for executing on a plan.  ___

77.  I get very uncomfortable when I cannot follow through on my plans.  ___

78.  I am very successful at being punctual and getting started on schedule.  ___    

79.  I take likely interruptions and emergent situations into account when I plan and organize.  ___

80.  I plan for the unforeseen and the unexpected.  ___











360-400      Possesses mental conditioning skills and mindset to be a peak performer.


320-359          Mental conditioning skills are good; likely to be a solid performer.


280-319          Typically an adequate performer who consistently perform satisfactorily.


240-279          Needs significant work and improvement in work habits and mental conditioning to be a consistently adequate performer or above.


160-239          Likely to struggle to keep up to standards due to work habits and mental conditioning.


1-159         Typically a poor performer due to work habits and mental conditioning.


NOTE:  A score of 360-400 is excellent and highly correlated with peak performer attributes, work habits, and mental conditioning. A score of 320-359 should result in frequent success in your athletic life. A score of 280-319 suggests an adequate to good set of peak performance skills. A score of 240-279 suggests a bit of improvement is in order. Finally, any score under 240 suggests some significant need for basic peak performance skill-building and consideration of installing a peak performance systems approach to provide some structure to your daily activities.


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