Razor Thin:  The Difference Between Winning and Losing

"The quotes and case studies in Dr. Valdes' book are particularly helpful for athletes and coaches to understand the mindset necessary and the mental conditioning required of elite and aspiring athletes. His Peak Performance System is a unique and effective approach for coaching and developing players. It is a valuable contribution to sports psychology."

--Olympian basketball player, Debbie Miller-Palmore, Top of the Key.

"Athletes are challenged by stiffer competition every season. Razor Thin provides specifics about the mindset and mental conditioning needed for sustainable success. This book is a must for any athlete who wants an edge. Razor Thin is very well done and a welcome addition to my bookshelf."

--Byron A. Wilson, Coach, Sonnet Sports Group.

"Dr. Valdes has been an invaluable resource to me, my coaching staff, and our basketball teams. His talks and his book, Razor Thin, have assisted us to be the best that we can be year in and year out. Our players welcome him and get so much out of his experience and wisdom. We continue to use him whenever possible."

--JoJo Cadray, Head Varsity Basketball Coach, The Paideia School.

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