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Below is a video libary of excellent mental conditioning videos compiled by PSYCHOGENYX.

Our Mental Conditioning programs and services are designed to assist our clients get the most out of their abilities by developing their mindset and putting them in the best position to succeed and achieve excellence.

Our clients include:

  • Elite and aspiring athletes and those in the performing arts

  • High performance executives and managers

  • Attorneys

  • Physicians

  • Law enforcement and the military

  • Individuals

  • Teams

  • Organizations


Mental Conditioning is for anyone who is in a position where sustained peak performance is required. If you are in a demanding situation, have high expectations, need to sustain peak performance, want to optimize your talent, and consistently achieve your goals, then mental conditioning is for you.  

Mental Conditioning Improves:

  • Performance Under Pressure

  • Time in the Zone

  • Mental Toughness

  • Confidence

  • Motivation/Drive

  • Energy Management

  • Mental FItness

  • Teamwork

  • Focus

  • Concentration

  • Emotional Control and Resilience

Our Peak Performance System provides an effective method for mental conditioning

  • Transfers to Sport

  • Transfers to Career

  • Transfers to Life


One often reads stories of intelligent, talented individuals, athletes, teams and organizations who never realized their potential, never saw their dream come true.  You also read or hear about those who, in fact, inexplicably flamed out or crashed right after their greatest success or before their full potential could be achieved. 

PSYCHOGENYX came together because we believe we can help our clients achieve their dreams and realize their potential by applying what have learned and will continue to learn about growth, development, success, excellence and greatness as well as mental health, trauma, failure and tragedy.  Our dream is to provide behavioral and psychological services and products that would represent a shift in how people perceive themselves and their capabilities.  Our consulting is not just about giving advice, fixing problems or finding solutions.  We are interesting in transforming the future through the use of the vast knowledge available in the behavioral sciences. 

We want to remove the limitations of the human mind.  We are sure that you would agree that your mindset and the mindset of those around you are assets that are likely to be underutilized in most situations.  We want to ensure that we and our clients can unlock those assets and create more than we ever thought possible.

Mental Conditioning is now commonly used by almost every elite and professional sports organization in the world. (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc. (to name a few) and even our own United States Olympic Team has incorporated this training.  

PSYCHOGENYX is leading the charge in applying, designing, developing the latest in mental conditioning techniques.  Our services and products utilize the PEAK PERFORMANCE SYSTEM.

The Peak Performance System is a mental and behavioral conditioning program that influences mental toughness, self-confidence, focus, and emotional resilience.  These characteristics are the key factors in attaining peak performance.

The Peak Performance System is used to help develop a plan for each organization, team, athlete, or individual.  The benefits of participating in this mental conditioning program include:

  • Increases an athlete’s mental and emotional capacity to learn and overcome performance challenges in the mental game.

  • Maximizes athlete’s understanding of their mental qualities to improve sport performance.

  • Improves practice and game routines, preparation and ongoing feedback.

  • Reinforces the fundamentals of the mental game.

  • Develops maximum goal-setting, motivation, enjoyment.

  • Strengthens athletes’ mental capacity to handle and overcome performance setbacks and challenges.

  • Decreases mental game errors and increases insight into the mental game.

  • Provides an individualized mental game program and workbook.

The effective application of advanced sports and performance psychology equips athletes mentally to perform at the highest level. These mental tools and techniques include goal-setting, imagery, self-talk, relaxation and "energy optimization."