PSYCHOGENYX, LLC consists of :



  • Corporate Consultation

  • Executive, Managerial & Employee Assessment and Development

  • Mental Conditioning, Coaching & Training

  • Sports & Performance Psychology

  • Peak Performance Training Camps


  • Individual Consultation and Counseling

  • Relationship Consultation and Counseling

  • Group Counseling

  • Career Assessment, Consultations and Counseling

  • Psychological Evaluation and Assessment


  • Forensic Psychology

  • Threat Assessment

  • Risk Analysis and Management

  • Violence Prevention

  • Fitness for Duty

  • Crisis Management

  • Behavioral Analysis and Consultation


From the word “psychogenic,” or that which originates in the mind, the emotions or the mental processes. 


PSYCHOGENYX is an Atlanta-based behavioral sciences consulting and counseling firm founded in 2013 to provide consulting, psychotherapeutic, educational and advisory products and services to individual clients, consumers, businesses, corporations and other organizations.  Our evidence-based firm incorporates performance psychology, cognitive psychology, mental conditioning, sports psychology, positive psychology, criminology, forensics, neuropsychology, and a new field the founder is pioneering termed,  Psychogenics.  

This new field is the integration of behavioral science, neuropsychology, forensics, and what we know about performance, productivity, prevention, health and fitness, evolution and change. 


Our proprietary tools and our knowledge of tools that others in the behavioral sciences have developed give us the versatility to help our clients with the various problems and issues that they encounter.  Our products and services help our clients identify and solve problems, make decisions, design processes, organize systems that help our clients be more healthy, effective, efficient and productive.     


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