My daughter, Nadia, despite her overall success, was struggling with inconsistent play. She was her losing focus after early mistakes in her matches. She had trouble regaining her composure and playing at her best under adversity. It would take to long for her to bounce back. With the help of Performance Vertical Consulting, Nadia now has another weapon in her arsenal: mental conditioning. Dr. Valdes was able to assess her mindset accurately and shared specific skills that allowed my daughter to play through her mistakes and refocus quickly. Now, she is a much more confident, relaxed and successful player now. I think she is on her way to fulfilling her potential.
— Dawn Hilton-Williams

NOTE:  Nadia Hilton-Adams is a rising young, state, regional and nationally-ranked USTA player.  She has been named Most Valuable Player, selected All-Region and ranked #1 on her high school team since her freshman year.  She recently signed to play collegiate tennis at North Carolina A &T.

My son, who is a young and talented high-school basketball player, was looking to increase his confidence. Dr. Valdes provided a thorough assessment and provided game-to-game feedback and mental conditioning assistance that was extremely valuable. My son became a more poised shooter, scorer, rebounder and defender. We saw huge changes in his ability to positively impact and influence games in many ways through his overall performance and mental toughness. His mental game improved so much that he led the team in playing time despite being an underclassman.
— Glen Owen

NOTE:  Glen's son, Addison, will be attending Rice University in the Fall of 2016.  This past season, Addison was voted to the All-Region Team following his performance his senior year.  

We signed up to work with Dr. Valdes at the request of my son’s varsity basketball coach. My son, a very accomplished player at his level, and I thought that he needed some help with his self-confidence and tendency to get down on himself when me made a mistake. It was clear that Dr. Valdes has the experience as a sports psychologist and a real understanding of the sport. He did a very thorough assessment, including live observations, and decided that we would work on self-talk as well as mental visualization to help my son focus more positively and engage in more productive game-time actions. He also gave him valuable things to read. We have been very pleased with the results. We recommend Dr. Valdes highly. We plan on using him more as we prepare for next season.
— Anonymous
Dr. Valdes has been an invaluable resource to me, my coaching staff, and our basketball teams. His talks and his book, Razor Thin, have assisted us to be the best that we can be year in and year out. Our players welcome him and get so much out of his experience and wisdom. We continue to use him whenever possible.
— JoJo Cadray, Head Varsity Basketball Coach, The Paideia