I have relied on Dr. Valdes for over 10 years to provide me with invaluable feedback on how to hire the best. His psychometric data, insight, and objectivity have allowed me to have extreme confidence in my ability to select the right candidates for key positions. Today’s world boils down to the ‘war for talent and Dr. Valdes is at the cutting edge of helping companies win that war.
— James Yeagle, V.P. & Director of Sales and Sales Operations, Wintellect
I can recommend Luis wholeheartedly as an executive coach and corporate psychologist. The comprehensive executive interview/assessment, developmental feedback and plan, and the intensive periodic executive coaching I received were invaluable in preparing me to become the leader that I am today. I still use the advice he gave me.

I also used him as a consultant with my Marketing team. He performed a thorough team assessment (including a team survey), a team meeting to go over the results, and at least two more two day-long team-building sessions over 12 months. Once again, I found the experience to be extremely valuable to me and my team.
— Frank Del Rio, the founder of Oceania Cruises, is chairman & CEO of Prestige Cruise Holdings, the parent corporation of Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.
I have known and worked with Luis for ten years. We orginally met when I was working at Mantech Real-Time Laboratory (MRSL). He as brought in to assess myself and a co-worker to determine our management potetial and suitability. At the time he was employed as a corporate psychologist with a firm in Atlanta, GA. I was very impressed with Luis the first time I met him. I liked his openness to new ideas and concepts and his ability to quickly adapt those concepts to a new environment. The people I was managing were highly skilled and highly motivated engineers. I wanted to create a culture that would allow them to be the best they could be without the artificial restrictions that traditional anagement can imply. Luis had a strong background in conventional Executive
Management and Leadership but also a flair for non-traditional applications of management concepts that focused on peak performance and motivations of world-class athletes. We were able to leverage his concepts and blend these with my own “off the wall” ideas to create a unique and successful culture that encourages teamwork and self-empowerment without the traditional management structure.

”A year or so later I left MRSL to start my own company: LTC Engineering Associates, Inc. I continued to engage Luis and was able to not only duplicate the MRSL culture but improve upon it. Luis was instrumental in creating and extending an on-line soft skills personality assessment profile that we use consistently in our recruiting and hiring decision process. This process is a key driver to creating the culture and team dynamics that makes LTC so successful today. He has also conducted numerous training session with my associates. Nine years later Luis is still engaged in applying new and continuing concepts for structuring the organization to prepare it for continuity once I retire. More recently his involvement with my company extends past just interfacing with me but he now advises and works with my advisory board.
— Linda Jellison, owner, LTC Engineering Associates, Inc., Sarasota, Florida.
Luis’ broad knowledge and experience is invaluable in assessing possible investments. In one situation, not only was he able to give us a summary of strengths and limitations of the product set, his assessment included the company’s competitive strength in the marketplace, the management team’s capabilities, the potential customer base, and other strategic considerations. His business acumen, incisive questions and curiosity provided much needed insight to us. His consultation and feedback is also useful to young companies as they grow.
— Mike Elliott , Noro-Moseley Partners, Atlanta, Georgia
“I have worked with Dr. Luis Valdes for over 5 years, throughout our time together I have found his insights to be invaluable. His practical approach to assessing talent and development of future leaders are leading edge and challenging. I encourage anyone in charge of talent development or trying to improve them self or others to have a fact finding discussion with Luis Valdes.”
— Herminio Hernandez, Director of Organizational Development and Training, First Solar
Luis was quickly able to assess our organization and identify the areas that needed improvement. To his credit he was not afraid to be very candid about his views and was very adept at determining the teams strengths and weaknesses. His tool set and deep industry knowledge are of great value to companies going through natural growing pains and looking to raise the bar.
— David Keil, CEO, Digistrive
Luis was hired on an ongoing basis for our company from 2002 - 2007. His ability to do one on one coaching with our top executives and help develop them as managers, coaches and leaders helped us make great strides in employee communication and team building.

Luis also was able to work with our entire staff (30 people) during the past five years teaching communications techniques and peak performance outcomes.
— Jeff Esola, SVP, Operations, Georgia Chamber of Commerce
My relationship with Luis started on a business basis, but has developed into him becoming a mentor and skilled professional to learn from. He is a creative thinker with a real life understanding of people and business.
— Tim Zimmerman, Regional Commercial Manager, Orkin Pest Control
Luis did an outstanding job helping me work through some very complex interpersonal and organizational issues and enabled the management team to “step up” their performance.
— Jeff McConnell, CEO, Whisper Communications
Luis did a fabulous job helping re-structure our organization. He was insightful and creative in his solutions. He met with us regularly and was available on an “as needed” basis when problems arose between consultations. He helped us meet all of our objectives within the proposed budget. Our organization had a great experience working with Luis. I give him my highest recommendation.
— Kim Oppenheimer, Ph.D., Owner and President of Atlanta Psych Consultants
I first met Luis when I was hired at One Georgia Bank. The bank contracts his services to assist in the hiring process. I found Luis to be professional yet approachable. He genuinely cares about his work and the people and organizations he represents. I highly recomend Luis should your organization be interested in creating the best team possible for your future success.
— Ginger LaRoche-Roth
Luis collaborated with our team at UCB Pharma over the course of several years on a Career Development Center that was created for our pharmaceutical field sales force. His expertise and guidance was critical in helping us establish the most fair and accurate exercises and simulations to assess management potential from within our internal pool of candidates. Through our work with Luis, we were able to gather invaluable information that aided us in coaching our internal candidates to become better prepared for promotions within the company by focusing on their specific developmental needs. This program was a huge success in terms of improving our internal selections, but it also helped to boost morale and enhance relationships between sales force managers and their sales teams. Luis has a calming presence while being highly effective at guiding and directing efforts to stay on task and achieve the desired goal. This project was one of the best I have ever had the opportunity to work on and it was a pleasure getting to know Luis in the the process.
— Hannah Bright Morris
I had the pleasure to work with Luis for several years and I find him an exceptional individual. In addition to excellent coaching and mentoring skills, Luis has a very warm and engaging personality.

When I was hired by the TalentQuest, Luis conducted an in-depth pre-hiring interview. Based on my responses, he was able to accurately analyze my skills, personality and whether I will be a good fit for the position I was applying for.

I have learned quite a few things from him along the way and will continue to cherish the experience and insights I’ve gained from him.
— Nadeem Fatmi, Solutions Architect, Restaurant Technologies
Luis is an excellent service provider for my company. I have known and trusted Luis for many years. I highly recommend him to any company or person that is seeking peak performance.
— Chuck Lewis, Chairman & CEO at WM Lewis Group.
Luis and I have worked together for many years in different ways and capacities. Luis provided professional services to a 3500 person company of which I was General Counsel and head of Human Resources. We also worked together on the Board of Directors of an Atlanta based non-profit. Luis always performs with the utmost degree of professionalism, skill, and expertise. Most importantly, the results of his efforts were always top-notch, tangibly improving the organizations’ efficiency and effectiveness. I highly recommend Luis as a leading light and an innovator.
— Doug Ambramson

"I have trusted Dr. Valdes as a consultant and coach for many years.  He worked effectively with an executive team of which I was a member.  More recently, in preparation for being considered for my current CEO position, I hired him to take me through an extensive coaching program to help me in the interview process.  Though I felt that I was the best person for the job, Dr. Valdes' coaching allowed me to be confident and ready for anything the board of trustees or the search firm could put in front of me."